Turning to SOAR for your
cybersecurity defence strategy


Cybersecurity teams across the globe are facing highly sophisticated attack methods which pose major operational risks. Staying one step ahead of these threats and preventing a megabreach requires an equally competitive defence strategy.

With an array of innovative security products on the market, this might seem like a simple fix, but effectively protecting your bases requires a wide combination. The average organization has over 20 different tools in action at once, producing a dizzying number of alerts to deal with. Without cross-platform interactions the problem is only compounded, with multiple sources of information to process.

In this situation, the tools adopted to provide a solution quickly begin to drain staff resources. Couple this with a critical shortage of cybersecurity experts in the field and it’s clear a smarter approach to detect, triage and respond to incidents is required.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response, commonly known as SOAR, has emerged as one of the most competitive methods to manage cybersecurity in recent years, but how does it function, and can it work for, not against, your organization?

What does Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) really mean?

SOAR platforms aim to flip the advantage back to cybersecurity teams using two fundamental practices - orchestration and automation.

Security orchestration consolidates every tool and integration in action. Much like a classical orchestra, this functionality should bring all the cybersecurity elements into harmony. In place of the conductor, SOAR uses a powerful digital interface to coordinate both individual tool operations and cross-platform interactions.

Through this, automation can be applied to tasks that don’t require manual intervention, such as blocking an IP address. Having the full suite of cybersecurity technologies managed through a SOAR platform allows this automation to take place across separate technologies without a loss of control for the teams in charge of these efforts.

Amplifying your cybersecurity defences through SOAR

It’s helpful to think of SOAR as a force multiplier. Although some of these tasks could be achieved manually, using a SOAR platform amplifies the efforts of security teams to improve overall results and ROI.

Reducing the overall response time for incidents and threats is a critical factor. Imagine an employee mistakenly downloads malware onto a system through a clever phishing email - the time it takes your response teams to action a quarantine can be the difference between an attempt turning into a full-on breach. Through its automation capabilities, SOAR reduces the response time of such scenarios to a matter of seconds, whether your team are in the office or not.

Another advantage SOAR offers is greater efficiency. Employing a cybersecurity expert to sift through the vast volumes of alert data doesn’t make strategic or financial sense. SOAR platforms are able to process this information at a speed and scale which cannot be met by manual methods. This not only reduces the chance of a severe threat being missed but allows your analysts to focus on the top-level decisions which require the expertise they were hired for.

Strategic and Actionable Insights - why SIRP is cut above

Despite these clear benefits, not all SOAR solutions are created equal. At SIRP, our SOAR platform has been designed by a team of experts with years of industry experience.

We know a thorough risk assessment is the first logical step in creating a cybersecurity defence strategy. It should factor in the latest threats, how relevant they are to your overall operations and how vulnerable your key assets are. Without this kind of intelligence, automation and orchestration can only go so far in protecting your organization.

In addition to standard SOAR functions, our modular platform incorporates global threat intelligence, vulnerabilities and risks to create a smart metric scoring system. This allows SIRP to prioritize the most urgent threats, protecting your most critical vulnerabilities.

Try our platform to see how SOAR could work for you

Our modular architecture supports more than 100 applications with a coverage of over 500 APIs. Adaptable to any sector, our approach achieves richer data and smarter insights at all stages of the incident life cycle.

By combining Incident Management, Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management and Risk Management in one powerful solution we create the edge you need to prevent that megabreach.

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