SIRP for Cyber Risk Management

Cyber risk reduction is the only objective measurement of security success. SIRP’s Security Score (S3) uses machine learning to process internal and external factors and objectively measure the risk associated with threats, incidents, alerts, and vulnerabilities, empowering your teams to make faster, more accurate decisions.

Embed Cyber Risk Management in SOC

All security functions should be designed to reduce cyber risk. SIRP helps you build objective cyber risk measurement into SOC, ensuring better outcomes and fewer wasted resources.

With SIRP your team can:

  • Understand your risk profile. See which threat categories pose the greatest risk to your organization and allocate human and financial resources accordingly.
  • Respond rapidly to high risk incidents and alerts. SOC and IR teams see at a glance which incidents and alerts pose the highest risk, enabling easy workload prioritization. 
  • Patch high risk vulnerabilities first. SIRP goes beyond CVE scores to prioritize vulnerabilities based on the risk they pose to your business. 

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Manage Cyber Risk

Managing cyber risk is the #1 cyber security function. SIRP is the only SOAR platform with a built-in risk management module that helps you make faster, more informed decisions that measurably reduce risk.

  • Build a stronger security function. SIRP helps you track high risk incidents and alerts over time, highlighting important areas for investment in new processes, solutions, and controls.
  • Improve security ROI. Cyber security shouldn’t be a cost center. Use SIRP’s risk management module to inform service improvements and ensure security contributes to the organization.
  • Create meaningful security metrics. Metrics can easily become counterproductive. SIRP helps you measure security activities that add genuine value by addressing sources of cyber risk.

SOAR Aids Response Against the 2020 Threat Landscape

Make Informed Security Decisions

Security decisions are often based on non-objective factors such as threat intelligence, CVE scores, and industry hype. S3 shows you exactly where cyber risk lies for your organization, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

  • Prioritize the right activities. From responding to the most important alert to choosing the optimal security solutions for your needs, seeing where risks lie is essential for effective security.
  • Cut through the noise. SOC and incident response teams are overwhelmed with alerts. SIRP cuts away the irrelevant and unnecessary, enabling teams to focus on high-risk alerts.
  • Understand your risk profile. Risk is always relative to your environment. SIRP helps you identify threat categories that pose a high risk to your organization — even if threat intelligence feeds consider them less important.

How SOAR Builds Maturity Across the Security Function

Act Fast with Certainty

Time is critical in cyber security. SIRP helps security teams across all disciplines take back control and make faster, more informed decisions.

  • Stop losing time. SIRP helps security teams reclaim lost time by providing real-time insight into which activities are most important.
  • Cut to the chase. Give your security teams insight into which alerts, incidents, and vulnerabilities to prioritize based on real-world cyber risk.

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