From lack of visibility to the ever-present skills gap, MSSPs face huge challenges. SIRP’s multi-tenant risk-based SOAR platform enables MSSPs to offer modern, differentiated security services while providing clear visibility across customer environments and enabling faster, more effective response.

Improve Outcomes, Reduce Resource Cost

SIRP makes it easy to deliver world-class service across multiple customer environments while drastically reducing the man hours spent on dozens of security tasks.

With SIRP you can:

  • Manage multiple customers. SIRP’s multi-tenant platform and hybrid deployment options make it easy to offer world-class security and response services across multiple customer environments.
  • Maintain and Track SLAs. The powerful reporting functionality and customer access portal make it easy to keep track of SLAs and quickly course-correct if needed.
  • Make resources go further. The skills gap and need to contain costs put huge pressure on MSSPs. SIRP’s automation and integration capabilities save thousands of hours each year.

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Combat the Skills Shortage

MSSPs are under huge pressure, often working with conventional ticketing systems and dozens of disparate security tools for multiple customers. SIRP enables MSSPs to conduct operations from a single pane, saving thousands of hours per year.

  • One pane, all functionality. SIRP integrates seamlessly with customers technologies, making it easy to aggregate, monitor, and respond to incidents and vulnerabilities from multiple tenants in one place.
  • Save time on every action. Powerful automation capabilities turn complex, repetitive tasks into simple one-click actions, saving time and eliminating human error.
  • Empower analysts. SIRP makes it easy to codify the practices of your top performers into easy-to-follow playbooks that even new recruits can follow from day one.

Use SOAR to stay abreast of the 2020 threat landscape

Differentiate from the Competition

The security services market is highly competitive, forcing MSSPs to remain current in their offerings while differentiating from rivals. SIRP is the only SOAR platform with a built-in risk management module, enabling MSSPs to provide the service and reporting clarity today’s security leaders need.

  • Risk informed operations. SIRP’s S3 scoring system calculates risk for every alert, incident, vulnerability, and threat, enabling MSSPs to add measurable, differentiated value to customers.
  • Prioritize, investigate, and respond faster. Powerful integration, automation, and playbook functionality helps MSSPs reduce key metrics like MTTD/MTTR from hours to minutes.
  • Total transparency for customers. The Customer Access Portal enables customers to view the status of their security operations and respond to cases raised by the MSSP.

SOAR Empowers SOC Teams

Easily Manage Multiple Customers

Managing operations and keeping track of performance across multiple customer environments can be a huge challenge. SIRP makes life easy for MSSPs by bringing everything together into a single, intuitive platform.

  • Manage multiple customers. SIRP is a multi-tenant platform that makes it easy to on-board and manage multiple customers from a single interface.
  • Hybrid deployment. SIRP’s hybrid deployment model combines a master console with a customer-side hardware appliance, making it easy to ingest data from each customer’s internal security technologies and perform response actions.
  • See everything at a glance. SIRP provides unified visibility across all customers, making it easy to monitor and track operations across all environments simultaneously.

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