Many organisations deploy a vulnerability management platform to identify known vulnerabilities in their infrastructure, but it gets challenging to remediate thousands of reported vulnerabilities as it requires significant time and resources. Scanning the environment is a necessary first step, but it’s only effective when paired with risk-based remediation and decision making. Otherwise, it can leave gaps in an organisation's security posture, amplifying the risk of a vulnerability to be exploited on a critical asset.

Take Control of Vulnerability Management

SIRP enables security teams to take control of complete vulnerability management program. From identification, to prioritisation, to remediation, SIRP does it all. Automating the cycle of identifying, prioritising, and remediating vulnerabilities resists not only greater team efficiency, but also more consistent results by ensuring that the process is performed the same way every time. SIRP enables an organised approach to identifying, prioritising, and remediating vulnerabilities on critical assets.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Organisations are facing significant increases in number of vulnerabilities being identified across the assets and it is getting impossible to remediate them in timely manner. SIRP enables organisations to prioritise vulnerability remediation on assets by combining incidents, threat intelligence, and risks data with SIRP Security Score (S3), enabling security teams to first remediate vulnerabilities on assets that are most important to be secured.

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