SIRP for Vulnerability Management


Security professionals are under pressure to patch more vulnerabilities faster than ever before. SIRP helps your team quickly prioritize and patch vulnerabilities based on the risk they pose to your business.


Empowered Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management (VM) isn’t just a numbers game. SIRP identifies the most critical vulnerabilities for your business and gives your team the tools to remediate them quickly and consistently.

With SIRP you can:

  • Reduce vulnerability exposure at scale. Take control of your vulnerability management function with a powerful SOAR toolset that integrates directly with any scanning technology.
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk to organization. Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)  scores don’t tell the full story. SIRP is the only risk-based SOAR platform that prioritizes vulnerabilities based on risk to your business.
  • Patch faster and more consistently. Create best-practice vulnerability management playbooks using drag-and-drop functionality and easily automate time-consuming manual tasks.

Once a vulnerability is being actively exploited, the level of risk associated with it rises sharply. At that point, if your security team hasn’t applied the relevant patch, your organization is directly in the firing line.

Find out how SIRP can help your security team remediate critical vulnerabilities quickly and effectively.

Risk-based Vulnerability Management

Most businesses rely on CVSS scores to identify critical vulnerabilities. But CVSS scores are generic and don’t consider your organization’s specific threat landscape or the criticality of specific assets. SIRP weighs internal and external factors to show you which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk to your business.

  • Objective, business-specific risk scoring. SIRP’s S3 risk scoring system uses a combination of internal and external factors to score vulnerabilities based on real-world cyber risk.
  • Stop treating VM as a numbers game. Prioritize and remediate new vulnerabilities based on risk to your organization and show genuine ROI from your vulnerability management program.
  • Patch critical vulnerabilities FAST. Set up alerts for urgent vulnerabilities that can’t wait for the next patch window.

Fix Critical Vulnerabilities Faster

New vulnerabilities are weaponized fast — often within days of discovery. To ensure your assets are protected, you need a vulnerability management program that quickly identifies and patches critical vulnerabilities.

  • Build and enforce best practice processes. Build VM playbooks that capture the practices of your top performers — and make it easy for even your newest recruits to follow them.
  • Remediate faster with automation. Once your playbooks are built, use SIRP’s automation capabilities to take care of time-consuming, repetitive tasks quickly and consistently, every time.
  • Access everything from one platform. SIRP integrates seamlessly with existing technologies — from vulnerability scanners to threat intelligence tools — so your team can access everything from a single window.

Powered by Threat Intelligence

When a vulnerability is being actively exploited, it becomes a greater risk to your business. Having insight into your threat landscape is critical to understanding which vulnerabilities should be addressed first and how to address them.

  • See what’s going on in your industry. Attack campaigns are often confined to specific industries and locations. SIRP shows you which threat trends your vulnerability management program needs to address.
  • Calculate cyber risk in real time. Be the first to know when a new vulnerability is being exploited or included in exploit kits   and see how it affects your risk profile.
  • Threat insights, right where you need them. Get relevant insights from free and paid threat feeds right where you need them — in-line with the results of each vulnerability scan.