Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

The term SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation & Response) was originally coined by Gartner. It describes a solution stack that supports security teams in three critical areas: Security Automation & Orchestration, Security Incident Response, and Threat Intelligence.

Modern SOAR platforms integrate a vast array of security technologies into a single platform designed to streamline these three critical security functions. They support best practice processes, automate repetitive tasks, and provide clear oversight through powerful reporting and dashboards.

SIRP takes SOAR a stage further with a powerful security scoring module that considers internal and external factors to calculate accurate, real-world risk scores for every alert, incident, threat intelligence and vulnerability.

Why Choose SIRP for SOAR?

Modern security teams are overwhelmed. The numbers and sophistication of cyber threats is rising every year, and according to Gartner, the average security team needs over 90+ different tools just to keep up. SIRP combines everything — including all existing security tools — into a single platform, and provide powerful automation and process design tools to help security teams improve outcomes, reduce errors, and save time.

SIRP helps security teams ensure:

  • Faster Incident Response (IR). Powerful automation and orchestration tools help security analysts drastically improve median time to respond to security incidents (MTTR)
  • Enhanced Security Operations. SIRP integrates with tools and threat intelligence feeds to provide security analysts with full context on every alert and discard false positives.
  • Efficient Vulnerability Management (VM). Through integration with scanning tools, vulnerability databases, and threat intelligence, SIRP help VM professionals prioritise and efficiently remediate high-risk vulnerabilities.

SIRP is a No-code SOAR platform with built-in security scoring engine


What Can SIRP Do For Your Organization?


SIRP is an industry-leading no-code SOAR platform that combines everything mentioned above. On top of that, SIRP is the only SOAR platform with in-built security scoring — a powerful module that calculates real-world risk scores for every incident, alert, threat intelligence and vulnerability based on a host of internal and external factors.

SIRP’s risk-based SOAR platform fuses everything security teams need into a single, intuitive platform. In addition to empowering SOC, IR, TI, and VM teams, SIRP drives security leaders the visibility they need to ensure the entire cyber security function works as a single, cohesive unit.

Find out how SIRP can help your enterprise save time, improve outcomes, and manage cyber risk.

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