It is getting harder for organisations to protect themselves against cyber threats. As enterprises struggle with sheer volume of threats and vulnerabilities, security teams can easily become overwhelmed. It is increasingly important to adopt a strategic, risk-based approach to threat response and vulnerability mitigation. SIRP enables organisations to analyse their security landscape and make timely risk-based decisions.

Many organisations have 25+ tools that generate security alerts and it becomes exhausting to navigate through multiple security tools to identify, investigate, respond, and document scattered cybersecurity data. These manual processes are incoherent, inefficient and complex, leading to overlooked alerts, unresolved incidents, inconsistent investigations, delayed response, lack of coordination, and human error.

Aggregate Data from Disparate Security Tools

Aggregate data from disparate security tools in a single integrated platform to drive security visibility. Instead of working with dozens of security tools, security teams interact with a single platform that gives them instant access to everything they need.

Organise Data into Actionable Information

Automate the sorting and categorisation of aggregated data. SIRP neatly stacks up incidents, vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence into separate containers so that workflow for each can be organised and managed.

Prioritised Decision-Making through S3

SIRP Security Score (S3) makes security data instantly actionable by fusing aggregated information and assessing the risk to the organisation. S3 uses machine learning algorithms to assess security data relevancy and calculate security score. S3 enables organisations to prioritise risks, make better decisions faster and respond more effectively.

Automate Repetitive Processes

Automate processes using playbooks and workflows, so repetitive tasks are managed without human assistance. Automation significantly reduces response time and resource consumption, so that human resources are best utilised to focus on essential and critical threats with high impacts.

Enhance Team Collaboration

SIRP’s case management and workflow capabilities enable effective communication across multiple teams. Events can be escalated with cases to track and monitor the status and progress. Workflows can be configured and customised for streamlined collaborative processing.

Track and Measure Performance

With customisable dashboards, hundreds of widgets and instant reports, security operations metrics can be obtained to help track and measure performance of security teams. It helps evaluate the maturity and efficiency of security operations.

Audience-Based Visibility and Reports

SIRP provides dashboards and reports with custom filters to reflect upon overall and segregated workflow of security operations and processes. This helps the stakeholders to reflect upon areas that demand investment.

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