SIRP for Enterprises


In today’s race for fast, efficient response times, automating security operations is essential. Yet, current SOAR solutions are overly complex and take considerable time and expense to get off the ground and gain value. Enterprises need an easier approach to automate security investigation and response—one that doesn’t take a forklift to manage, require coding efforts, or overtax limited analyst resources. SIRP alleviates these challenges.

Improve Outcomes Across the Security Operations

With so many bases to cover, modern security teams are often highly complex, with multiple teams working together to protect the organization against cyber threats. SIRP combines the entire security operations — including all of your existing tools — into one powerful platform, adding value across all security disciplines and giving each team the tools needed to improve outcomes and cut cyber risk.

With SIRP you can:

  • Boost  Incident Response (IR). Orchestrated IR processes and automation tools drastically improve security teams’ median time from hours to minutes to respond to security incidents (MTTR).
  • Make better decisions. SIRP gives security leaders a full picture of their environment and threat landscape, helping them prioritize and make informed, risk-based decisions.
  • Measure and track cyber risk.  SIRP is the only SOAR platform with built-in risk scoring. The fully customizable module helps security teams map risks to individual assets and prioritize response across the organization.

Managing enterprise security operations across multiple technologies requires specialized skills and time. 

SIRP provides one-click, out of the box integrations which makes it simple to integrate with your security environment to eliminate silos and enable consistent, simplified security operations.

Faster, More Informed Decisions

The ability to make prompt, effective decisions is critical to any security leadership role. SIRP gives security leaders the tools, reporting, and insights needed to make faster, more informed decisions.

With SIRP you can:

  • Make better decisions. SIRP’s S3 scoring system calculates the risk associated with every alert, incident, vulnerability, and threat intelligence, empowering security leaders to make risk-based decisions.
  • Make improvements across the security function. SIRP provides comprehensive operational oversight, leading to better decisions on everything from resource allocation to selecting security tools and controls.
  • Make the most of limited resources. SIRP’s reporting and risk scoring capabilities help security leaders make objective, informed decisions when allocation resources.

Measure and Track Cyber Risk

Minimizing cyber risk is the #1 function of cyber security. SIRP’s built-in security scoring module accurately calculates cyber risk based on a combination of internal and external factors, and helps you build objective cyber risk measurement into every aspect of the security operations.

With SIRP your team can:

  • Monitor your risk profile. SIRP helps you understand which threat categories pose your organization the greatest risk, and informs decisions about how to allocate security resources.
  • Prioritize based on risk. SIRP calculates a risk score for every incident and alert, so SOC teams can instantly identify their highest priorities.
  • Work with any framework. The customizable risk module enables security teams to map risks to individual assets using any risk framework and prioritize response across the organization.

Boost Security Operations

SOC and IR teams are under pressure to identify and block a huge and growing volume of cyber threats. SIRP gives security teams the tools and insights they need to take swift action to investigate and respond threats and improve security controls.

With SIRP your team can:

  • Respond threats faster. Through seamless integration with existing security tools, SIRP helps SOC and IR analysts respond threats in real-time.
  • Cut out false positives. SIRP’s risk scoring and integrated threat intelligence automatically remove ‘noise’ and false positives, so analysts can focus on high-risk alerts.
  • Save hundreds of hours. Powerful orchestration and automation tools combined with full security toolset integration ensure operational security teams have everything they need in a single platform, saving hundreds of hours on screen switching and transferring data.

Empowered Vulnerability Management

Not all vulnerabilities are equally important. SIRP uses a combination of internal and external factors and intelligence to identify which vulnerabilities pose the highest risk to your organization, and gives your team the tools to remediate them quickly and consistently.

With SIRP your team can:

  • Reduce vulnerability exposure. SIRP provides vulnerability management (VM) professionals with a powerful toolset that integrates with any scanning technology.
  • See which vulnerabilities pose the highest risk. SIRP uses a combination of Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) CVE scores, threat intelligence, and internal risk scoring to help VM teams prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk to your business.
  • Improve remediation. Use SIRP’s intuitive playbook creation tool to design and implement best-practice VM processes and automate time-consuming manual tasks.