SIRP for Security Operations Centers (SOC)


Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are a critical function for many security operations teams, which focus on monitoring, detecting and responding to threats. SIRP gives your SOC the tools, insight, and oversight it needs to protect your organization from cyber threats wherever they arise.


Complete Security Operations

As cyber threats increase in volume and severity, security operations teams have never been busier. SIRP gives your SOC the tools and insight it needs to quickly correlate security data, investigate threats, and take rapid action to contain attacks and boost security controls.

With SIRP you can:

  • Investigate and respond threats sooner. SIRP integrates seamlessly with other security tools and gives SOC analysts real-time insight into current events, enabling them to quickly investigate and respond to new threats.
  • Beat alert fatigue. Built-in risk scoring and integrated threat intelligence enable SIRP to automatically prioritize alerts and remove false positives, so SOC analysts only see genuine security alerts.
  • Prioritize high-risk alerts. Not all alerts are equal. SIRP highlights the highest-risk alerts so SOC analysts can focus on remediating them first.

SOC KPIs help in determining the effectiveness of cyber security operations and identify the most crucial goals of incident management program.

SIRP makes it easy for security teams to view KPIs and quickly realize value through our dashboards and reports.

Rapid Threat Response

Speed is everything in cyber security. SIRP combines threat intelligence and best-in-class risk scoring with full security toolset integration to respond to high-risk threats in real-time. It provides SOC teams with the tools and insight they need to rapidly respond to cyber threats.

  • Block cyber threats. With real-time threat response and powerful automation capabilities, SIRP enables SOC teams to identify and block cyber threats in seconds.
  • Save time. Full security toolset integration gives SOC teams instant access to the insights they need, saving hundreds of hours on screen switching and data aggregation.
  • Best practice response. Use SIRP’s playbooks and automation capabilities to ensure ideal response processes are followed every time, saving time and improving security outcomes.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Security operations is a high pressure function, and it’s hard for teams to remain efficient. SIRP makes it easy to turn the best practices of top performers into security playbooks that enable even new recruits to act optimally every time.

  • Drag-and-drop playbook builder. SIRP makes it easy to design, build, and automate security playbooks, ensuring consistently fast and effective security operations.
  • Prevent human error. Security processes are often complex, introducing a high chance of human error. SIRP’s automation tools complete time-consuming and repetitive tasks perfectly, every time.
  • Save thousands of hours. SIRP’s combination of playbooks, automation, and security tool integration can save SOC teams countless hours each year while ensuring better outcomes.

Risk-based Security Operations

With so many alerts to triage and events to analyze, it’s easy to lose track of the main function of cyber security — to manage cyber risk. SIRP is the only SOAR platform with a built-in risk management module, allowing it to accurately score alerts and events based on the risk they pose to your organization.

  • Prioritize high-risk alerts. Not all alerts are equal. SIRP highlights the highest-risk alerts so SOC analysts can focus on remediating them first.
  • Accurate risk scoring. Threat intelligence alone isn’t enough. SIRP considers both internal and external factors, then calculates risk specifically for your organization.
  • Protect sensitive assets. Even simple threats can be devastating if they affect sensitive assets. SIRP gives SOC teams full risk context, ensuring high-risk alerts are never missed.

Seamless Communication & Audit

Communication, documentation, and reporting are critical security operations functions. SIRP helps to prevent oversights and boost collaboration across the organization by making it easy to conduct, maintain, and automate these functions.

  • Avoid escalation. Poor communication and reporting can easily turn a basic threat into a serious security incident, or even a breach. SIRP’s automation tools save time and avoid costly oversights
  • Understand your threat landscape. SIRP automatically records security activity, ensuring security teams have everything they need to conduct effective post-mortem investigations.
  • Seamless collaboration. SIRP makes it easy for security teams to work together and with other areas of the organization to keep cyber risk in check.