SIRP for Security Leaders


For years, security leaders have lacked true insight into the effectiveness of cyber security operations, and processes. SIRP gives CISOs and other security leaders the tools and insight they need to objectively assess and track performance, and empower their teams to save time and improve security outcomes.


Make Informed Decisions

Decision making is at the heart of a security leader’s role. With SIRP, you’ll have the tools, reporting, and insight you need to make faster, more informed decisions.

With SIRP you can:

  • Make risk-based decisions. SIRP accurately calculates the real-world risk associated with every alert, incident, vulnerability, and threat, enabling true risk-based decision making.
  • Build a stronger security function. Greater insight into cyber risk improves every decision, from resource allocation to identifying the right tools and controls for your organization.
  • Allocate assets with confidence. Every security activity has an opportunity cost. SIRP provides an objective, real-world tool to help efficiently allocate human and financial resources.

SOC KPIs help in determining the effectiveness of cyber security operations and identify the most crucial goals of incident management program.

SIRP makes it easy for security teams to view KPIs and quickly realize value through our dashboards and reports.

Risk-Based Security Leadership

Risk management lies at the core of cyber security. SIRP is the only SOAR platform with a built-in risk scoring module that provides clear evidence of which controls, processes, and technologies are most needed and effective.

  • Measure and track cyber risk. SIRP calculates individual risk scores for every alert, incident, vulnerability, and threat, giving security leaders a detailed understanding of their threat landscape.
  • Unique risk scoring. SIRP correlates security events data with threat intelligence and asset value to produce realistic risk scoring.
  • Go beyond SOAR. SIRP is the only SOAR platform to incorporate real-world risk scoring, enabling an entirely new, risk-based approach to cyber security.

Gain True Insight

Security leaders need accurate, real-time insight into security operations. SIRP lets you track the effectiveness of your security operations, and provides an objective basis for decision making.

  • See everything at a glance. SIRP’s dashboards and reporting module make it easy for security leaders to see a complete picture of their security operations.
  • Design metrics that work. Numbers achieve nothing unless they are clearly linked to outcomes. SIRP’s risk scoring and detailed reporting gives security leaders the insight they need to develop and track valuable security metrics.

Improve Outcomes in Security Operations

Modern security programs are often complex, with multiple teams working side-by-side to protect the organization. SIRP adds value across the security operations, giving each team the tools needed to improve outcomes and cut cyber risk.

  • Respond faster  to security incidents. Incident response and SOC teams use SIRP to identify and block the highest risk threats first, reducing MTTR/MTTD and protecting the organization.
  • Prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities. Vulnerability management doesn’t have to be a numbers game. SIRP goes beyond CVE by assigning real-world risk scores to each vulnerability.
  • Save countless hours across teams. From seamless integration with security tools to powerful process design and automation capabilities, SIRP can save security teams thousands of hours per year.