SIRP selected as part of
CyLon’s 10th London cohort


CyLon announced the addition of nine new cyber security companies on its 10th London accelerator program, as a part of its 10th London cohort. With this addition, CyLon hits a century, reaching 102 companies globally, altogether. CyLon is a global cybersecurity accelerator, known for its investment in the growth of the world's fastest growing cyber businesses and startups. Having contributed to the fields of Blockchain, Skills, Internet of Things, Compliance, Insurance, Data Protection, Privacy, Risk, Identity, Cloud Security, Human Risk, Autonomous Vehicles, Social Media and more, CyLon brings together enthusiastic teams from Turkey, Switzerland, the US and the UK.

SIRP is a cybersecurity operations platform having SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) layer on top of its modules such as Incident Management, Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Management, Risk Management and Asset Management. By integrating these functions, SIRP simplifies and manages risk-driven security operations to ensure visibility of overall cybersecurity posture, automation of redundant processes, responding to emerging cyber risks.

Other startups that joined CyLon this week are listed below.

  • eXate regulates and monitors data access controls to ensure availability of sensitive data only to the authorized people. It ensures that data handling complies with data privacy regulation.
  • Astroscreen scrutinizes user profiles and social media posting patterns using machine learning to identify troll farms and bots en masse that consistently spread misinformation or 'fake news'. Astroscreen is then able to notify the owners of social media platforms and other stakeholders that coordinated actors are attempting to influence the conversation.
  • 418Sec monitors open source dependencies in code to report any vulnerabilities detected, so that their patching is prioritized.
  • YEO is a confidential communications platform secured through a coded private channel. Messages and content are encrypted at their origin and can only be decrypted after proper authentication by facial recognition on the recipient’s device.
  • OneClick is a cloud platform with all the necessary components for application provisioning, including extensive security measures. Applications and data are delivered to any device, at any time, to the right location and in the right format via encrypted streaming.
  • Salvador Tech is an incident recovery platform, providing technology to help organizations swiftly recover from cyberattacks by instantly restoring networks.
  • Safetech uses cutting edge machine learning to protect critical infrastructure and Industrial networks by deflecting cyberattacks into honeypots.
  • Alterant provides a platform for licensing, deploying and managing capabilities to markets such as smart cities, telecoms, finance, autonomous vehicles, emergency services and defense.

Completing a century in accelerating global startups, CyLon’s portfolio of international companies hits £400m with this cohort. CyLon alumni have also created more than 350 job vacancies and have raised over £120m of follow-on funding since graduating from the program.

SIRP looks forward to this exciting journey of growth, development and further acceleration with CyLon!

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