Integrate Security Tools

Combines the functionality of all your security tools into a single platform. This allows security teams to complete hundreds of tasks at the click of a button.

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Aggregate and Enrich Data

SIRP collects data from across your environment, enriches it with cross-tool analysis and threat intelligence, and organizes it into incidents, vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence.

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Prioritize Operations

SIRP’s Security Score (S3) assigns accurate risk scoring to every alert, incident, and vulnerability, making it easy for security teams to quickly identify top priorities.

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Perfect & Accelerate Security Processes

Design best practice processes using SIRP’s playbook module and complete complex processes at the push of a button with powerful automation capabilities.

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Boost Collaboration

SIRP’s case management and workflow capabilities promote communication across security disciplines and make it easy to monitor and track the status of incidents, tickets, and vulnerabilities.

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Monitor Performance

Every action completed through SIRP is logged automatically and recorded in the relevant incident or ticket. This helps to avoid errors and oversights, and aids in audit processes.

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Total Visibility at a Glance

Intuitive dashboards and reporting give security leaders complete oversight of the security function, making it easy to keep operations in line with business objectives.

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Make Risk-Based Decisions

Comprehensive S3 risk scoring aids decision making at every level, from operational staff deciding how to allocate time to security leaders making critical resource investment decisions.

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SIRP embeds security scoring throughout the security operations, ensuring consistent, high-quality outcomes and efficient operations.

  • G2 Users Love Us
    Excellent Support where SIRP team take the challenges heads on and find a resolution. Buying a product is easy these days but getting support for the product is difficult but SIRP support team is very agile, accurate & honest in their interactions. They set realistic expectation what the tool can do and help to fine tune the tool for optimized performance. Till now we have got the response from SIRP within 6 hours for any of our queries. Product was easy to scale up on demand. User interface of the product is good. Comparing to Palo Alto Demisto, SIRP is a better choice as we can get what we actually use as there is no reason to pay a huge price on a Security Orchestration Automated Response Tool when the actual requirement is not that heavy also when it comes to security no organization will integrate all the independent tools into Security Orchestration Automated Response Tool on the very first day without knowing how it will function. These ae the areas where SIRP was effective when it comes to making decision on Automation in security.
  • G2 Users Love Us
    It’s easy to deploy, has a great support team behind it, and has a variety of great modules built into one product. Its tailored interface provides a centralized console for multiple functions, such as assets, incident management, threat intelligence, risk management and vulnerability management.
    Waseem U
    Enterprise (10,001+ employees)
  • G2 Users Love Us
    The best thing SIRP is offering is simplification of our security operations. Our cyber security is now maintained on SIRP by a small group of dedicated individuals and we can fully concentrate on our core business without fearing the vicious cyberworld.
    Tommy J
    Director of Technology

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