Security investigations from manual to lightning speed in no time.

Current SOAR solutions are overly complex and take considerable time and expense to get off the ground and gain value. The SIRP SOAR platform makes it easy for security teams to quickly realize value through our free integrations and automation playbooks that let you take your security investigations from manual to lightning speed in no time.

Trusted By Customers Globally

SIRP is a no-code risk-based SOAR platform that was built in response to the real-world needs of our customers. Specifically, the need to base security decisions on something more relevant than generic industry systems. Some of the leading enterprises and MSSPs trust SIRP for their security automation.

Connect Your Security Toolset

SIRP connects your entire toolset, giving security teams access to data from across your environment and the ability to complete actions from any tool at the click of a button.

SIRP integrates with 160+ popular security tools out of the box, allowing 750+ actions to be completed or automated directly from the platform. SIRP also enables cross-platform integration, so complex, multi-tool processes can be completed in seconds with a single click.

Backed by the Industry