Aggregate Data from Security Tools

Many organisations have 25+ tools that generate security alerts and it becomes exhausting to navigate through multiple security tools to identify, investigate, and respond to scattered cybersecurity data. SIRP aggregates all cybersecurity data coming in from different tools.

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Organise Data into Actionable Information

SIRP organises aggregated data into their respective containers i.e. incidents, threat intelligence, vulnerabilities and converts into actionable information by providing additional context.

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Prioritise Decision Making through S3

SIRP fuses the information with organisation specific context and applies algorithms to generate security score, which helps in prioritised decision-making. SIRP Security Score (S3) engine makes security data instantly actionable.

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Accelerate and Automate Security Processes

SIRP’s automation and orchestration engine accelerates security processes using playbooks, workflows and actions, so repetitive tasks are managed without human assistance. Automation significantly reduces response time and resource consumption.

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Enhance Team Collaboration

SIRP’s case management and workflow capabilities enable effective communication across multiple teams. Events can be escalated with cases to track and monitor the status and progress. Workflows can be configured and customised according to processes.

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Track and Measure Performance

SIRP provides dashboards and reports on various security operations metrics to track and measure the performance of security teams. It provides stakeholders with actionable insights to enhance the maturity and efficiency of security operations.

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Get Complete Visibility

SIRP provides comprehensive visibility of security operations activities through reports and dashboards, enabling users at every level with the information they need to make informed decisions.

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Risk-Based Decision-Making

Organisation-wide aggregated view of incidents, threats, vulnerabilities, and risks enable decision-makers to understand the context for risk and prioritise actions accordingly.

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