SIRP’s Cybersecurity Conference


SIRP, hosted an event this year “SYMPHONY 2019” i. Attendees gained invaluable insight from experts across multiple aspects of cybersecurity, including: Security Automation and Orchestration, Risk Management; Security Operations Center; Penetration Testing; Vulnerability Management; Threat Intelligence and more.

SIRP Symphony 2019 featured thought-provoking presentations from experts, who shared their vision of an innovative platform while providing essential insights on current and future cyber adversary trends.

SYMPHONY 2019 addressed the most pertinent aspects of cybersecurity operations:

Measuring Success of your SOC

The experts addressed the importance of measuring SOC success, role of metrics in enhancing your security program. This session also explained what metrics do you need to measure the success of your SOC?

Building SOC Automation & Orchestration

The experts addressed multiple security operations challenges, what is automation and orchestration. How security automation and orchestration can help alleviate the skills gap. Demonstrated orchestration in action and how to improve your response time through automation.

Tales from Successful Pen Tests

This session offered the attendees to learn from real-life penetration test scenario and how a lack of end-user security awareness may result in a successful compromise of even the most well-hardened, locked-down, and mature infrastructure.

Risk-Based Approach to Cybersecurity Operations

Organizations have different needs for cybersecurity and thus adopt different strategies for identifying and fulfilling security objectives. This session explained how a holistic assessment of threats and vulnerabilities helps an organization to appropriately prioritize and mitigate its risks. It also brought an insight into how a risk-based approach enables agencies to focus their limited resources on the assets that matter most.


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