Security Score & Prioritisation

SOAR platforms aim to solve the problems faced by modern security teams. But while integration, process design, and automation are powerful tools for security teams, SIRP addresses a further crucial element: risk. All security functions should be informed by real-world cyber risk. When a risk-based approach is at the core of the security function, it evolves into something truly useful.

Prioritised Decision-Making through SIRP Security Score (S3)

S3 makes security data instantly actionable by fusing the information with organisation specific context and applies algorithms to generate security score, which helps in prioritised decision-making. S3 uses machine learning algorithms that assess security data relevancy and calculate security score.


Make Informed Decisions and Reduce Response Time

S3 calculates organisation’s security score based on a number of internal and external factors. This enables organisations to more effectively prioritise risks, make informed decisions faster and respond more quickly to incidents. S3 enables organisations to optimise processes for threat response and vulnerability management for improved organisational efficiency.

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