Risk Assessment to Risk Treatment

Take control of risk management program with SIRP from initiating risk assessments to managing risk treatment plans. Identify and treat risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an organisation’s assets. Risk management in today’s cybersecurity environment has become increasingly complex. With SIRP, assess and treat risks quicker to protect intellectual property, sensitive customer information, and other business-critical assets.

Customisable Risk Management

SIRP provides a customisable risk management approach that helps you map risks to assets and prioritise them across the organisation for treatment. Being able to incorporate any risk framework helps organisations improve business productivity by analysing the impact of potential risks and mitigation actions as part of forecasts and long-term planning. SIRP can help you reduce the risk of threats, poor or misaligned practices, and operations failures.

Track and Classify Risks

Gain clear visibility into IT risks and streamline the risk assessment process, accelerate the treatment of risks and establish comprehensive reporting. The link between risks and internal controls eases correlation to keep up with changing requirements within the business and focus resources on the most impactful IT risks. The ability to track and classify all risks to the business-critical information and assets in one place ensures an auditable and accurate record.

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