SIRP is a no-code risk-based SOAR platform that connects everything security teams need to ensure consistently strong outcomes into a single, intuitive platform. SIRP empowers Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Incident Response (IR) teams, Threat Intelligence teams, and Vulnerability Management (VM) teams through integration of security tools and powerful automation and orchestration tools.

SIRP is a no-code SOAR platform with a built-in security scoring engine. The engine calculates real-world risk scores that are specific to your organization for every incident, alert, and vulnerability. This granular approach enables security teams to map risks to individual assets and prioritize response at scale.

SIRP currently supports out-of-the-box integration with 90+ popular security technologies. New API integrations can be set up within 72 hours at no additional cost.

One Integrated Security Platform

SIRP makes all security tools and functions available to security teams at the push of a button, saving thousands of hours each year.

  • One-click out-of-the-box integration with 90+ security technologies
  • Execute and automate 450+ actions directly from the platform
  • Never again waste time switching between windows to find what you need

Orchestrate Workflows and Playbooks

Design and enforce best practice security processes using SIRP’s intuitive drag-and-drop playbook building module.

  • Create best practice processes that even new recruits can follow with ease
  • Playbook steps are automatically allocated to relevant incidents
  • Automated logging and reporting ensures vital steps are never missed

Embed Risk Throughout Security

SIRP’s security scoring module calculates accurate, real-world risk scores for every alert, incident, and vulnerability, so security teams can make decisions and prioritize effectively.

  • S3 scoring module considers internal and external factors to calculate customized risk scores
  • Map risks to individual assets and prioritize response at scale
  • Cut out guesswork and make better, faster decisions based on real-world risk

Automate Time-Consuming Processes

Save time and remove the potential for human error by using SIRP’s powerful automation capabilities to complete time consuming, repetitive, and complex tasks at the push of a button.

  • Automate best practice processes and playbooks to ensure perfect execution every time
  • Free up analysts to work on high value tasks by automating repetitive tasks
  • Enrich incidents automatically by pulling context from a host of integrated tools and feeds

What You Need, Where You Need It

SIRP uses its broad integration capabilities to provide security teams with the insights they need, precisely when and where they need them.

  • VM teams see risk scores and relevant threats intelligence directly inside scan results
  • SOC and IR teams receive alerts pre-enriched with threats intelligence and security tool data
  • Security leaders see everything at a glance through SIRP’s dashboards and reporting module

SIRP Empowers the Security Operations


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