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Taking SOAR to the Next Level

Security Orchestration, Automation & Response is a powerful tool that helps security teams save time and improve outcomes across Incident Response (IR), Security Operations (SOC), Threat Intelligence (TI) and Vulnerability Management (VM). However, there is one component that is missing from the typical SOAR platform: a way to embed risk-scoring across the security operations.

Risk management is the #1 function of cyber security. Faced with the fact that they can’t protect against every possible threat, security teams must identify the threat categories and events that pose the greatest risk to their organization — and then allocate resources to limit those risks. However, most security teams don’t have access to accurate risk scores that are specific to their environment.

SIRP is a no-code risk-based SOAR platform that was built in response to the real-world needs of our customers. Specifically, the need to base security decisions on something more relevant than generic industry systems like the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). While useful, systems like CVSS don’t take in account the structure, assets, or objectives of any specific organization.

You Need a Risk Scoring that Understands Your Organization

SIRP’s unique risk scoring module calculates a security score (S3) for every incident, alert, and vulnerability that reflects the risk posed to your organization. The module is set up in collaboration with each customer to ensure the platform understands precisely which assets are most critical to their operations and business objectives.

Embedding Risk Scoring Across the Security Operations

All security functions should work together to minimize cyber risk. SIRP supports each security discipline to work more efficiently, while enabling security teams to make fast, risk-based decisions about which actions, incidents, and vulnerabilities to prioritize.

Find out how SIRP supports each security function:

  1. Incident Response
  2. Security Operations
  3. Cyber Risk Management
  4. Security Leadership
  5. Vulnerability Management

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